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Lip Enhancement dermal fillers treatment

Full and well-defined lips are the touchstone of a beautiful smile. As we age we lose volume in the lips, the shape becomes less sharp. We can rejuvenate lips using resorbable dermal fillers. We always focus on a natural look to your lips. Mr.Shunil Roy is skilled in giving you the lips you’ve always dreamed of.

  • It is important to maintain the V shaped Cupid’s bow
  • No more lipstick bleed lines
  • We aim to create the perfect proportions
  • Appear happier and relaxed with treatment the corners of the mouth
Lip Fillers 5 - Lip Dermal Filler Treatment
Lip Fillers 4 - Lip Dermal Filler Treatment
Lip Fillers 10 - Lip Dermal Filler Treatment

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LipEnhance Before - Lip Dermal Filler Treatment
LipEnhance After - Lip Dermal Filler Treatment



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