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Silhouette Soft THREAD Midface Lift treatment

Silhouette Soft Threat Lift Ireland is a technological innovation offering women and men what no treatment has ever provided in such a simple and minimally invasive way: a reshaped face and restored volume by means of a 30-minute treatment under local anesthesia

Silhouette Soft represents the state of the art suspension suture and an extraordinary true technological innovation that opens up a new era in aesthetic medicine.

This technique leaves no scars and can be successfully used for all areas of the face and neck resulting in a fresher and younger look. Recovery time is minimal and the patient can quickly go back to their full social life.

Silhouette Soft Threat Lift Dublin Treatment comes in the form of FDA approved resorbable sutures made in the United States.

fasvial remodelling 2 - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift

Treatment time

45 – 60min

Recovery time

1 to 3 days

Results duration

18 months on average

Treatment price

From €2000

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Midface before - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift
Midface after - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift


  1. A lifting action as soon as Silhouette Soft is applied for an immediate and discreet result.
  2. A regenerative action, as Silhouette Soft promotes the restoration of lost collagen, providing thus gradual and natural looking results.
soft lift two actions - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift

SILHOUETTE SOFT THREAD LIFT – A Technological Innovation Serving Rejuvenation

When women are asked what they consider their two main signs of facial aging, the answer is invariably loss of skin tone causing sagging of facial contours and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and creases.

This phenomenon, which worsens with age and the menopause, is due to the loss of collagen, the protein found in all structures of the body, especially the skin, and which ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of tissue. With age, collagen diminishes and the skin sags and becomes less firm. The face also loses fat (becoming more skeletal looking), becoming hollow on the sides, and heaviness accumulates under the chin, and the lower cheeks.

soft lift rejuvenation - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift

The Triangle Of Youth

Current solutions exist, but choices have to be made: either to restore volume, using targeted injections, or to tighten the skin, by means of more invasive interventions.

Restoring the “triangle of youth” without having to resort to surgery is now possible by repositioning, providing volume, and stimulating lost collagen production thanks to the innovative technology of the Silhouette Soft Thread treatment Dublin.

Silhouette Soft Thread treatments face is redefined, volume restored, and the effects of ageing are significantly reduced.

From 25 to 40

The triangle of youth refers to the 3 unique features of a young looking face:
High cheekbones,
full cheek volume
and a well-defined jawline.

softlift triage center - Silhouette Soft Mid Face Lift

Age: +55

In a mature adult, due to the ageing process (collagen loss, fat pad loss or migration..), the triangle is reversed resulting in flatene cheeks, more noticeable nasolabial folds and sagging jaw line.


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